Insights · March 18th, 2008

Water is vital to the health of our future. We cannot begin to address the way we structure our communities for long term well-being and productivity, without devoting serious attention to the role that water plays.

Focus is often given to the populations in the world for whom water is already a scarce resource, and to those geographical areas where we see increasing desertification. But even in places like the Pacific Northwest—notoriously rain soaked—we are seeing a trend toward rethinking and redesigning how we use water.

Cites like New York, Chicago and Seattle have already put important projects on the map. The Hearst Building in New York captures rainfall from the roof to support the indoor landscaping, and humidify the air. In Chicago, a Green Roofs Initiative helps abate the urban heat island effect, as well as capturing rainfall before it becomes storm run-off. Similarly, the Seattle High Point Neighborhood has developed a large scale natural drainage system which, when completed, will process water the way a forest meadow does.

There are many other innovations being implemented in communities around the country. Our growing realization of the need to channel water wisely will be instrumental in moving us toward a healthy future.

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Nikolas Badminton – Chief Futurist

Nikolas Badminton

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