Insights · November 4th, 2008

The election is the big news, and we’ll reflect on that in good time.

But tonight something else happened of significance. CNN broadcast a hologram, as a correspondent was holographically projected into the Blitzer set. The technique sounded a lot like the one I saw pioneered in 2002 at the Human Interface Technology Lab (HITL) at the University of Washington, where I was a visiting scholar. The software was developed by Mark Billinghurst, the director of a similar lab now in New Zealand. What system CNN used is not clear, but it sounds similar.

The technique is to surround a subject with multiple cameras, and then stitch the images together in real time, and send it all over the Net. What you see is a full, three-dimensional person, whom you can see from any angle. Watch the CNN effort here from YouTube, or better yet see a full version of the CNN segment via Brightcove at this Huffington Post site.

Impressive – and the future of communication in action.

Yep, it is Pincess Leia (Jessica Yellin, some 1000 miles distant from Blitzer). Wolf you are my only hope!

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