Insights · January 22nd, 2009

The idea of controlling machines with your mind has been a long-time quest. Now, as early as the Fall of 2009, you may be able to buy a game device with which you can train your mind to move matter with a machine. The concept was shown at the recent Las Vegas consumer electronics show, and the BBC has the video, which you should link to here. It is a toy, but still, it does use brainwaves to move something.

In a similar way, there has been a quest in field of nanotechnology to invent machines small enough to operate within the human body. Making things that small (the size of blood cells and smaller) is not so much the issue any longer. The challenge has remained to make such machines move in the body, to deliver drugs for example or to assist in surgery. In other words, they need a motor. Now, a team of researchers has invented one possible answer, and once again the video can be seen at the BBC, here.

Check these out. Each invention suggests that when it comes to technology, there is always another idea just over the horizon.

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