Insights · January 5th, 2010

As the year and the decade turned, I was invited by a variety of media outlets to contribute via interviews to articles looking ahead. Some looked at the coming decade, others at the coming year.

Two more are now available online. Wesley Hester and John Reid Blackwell penned a look at the past and future decade for the Richmond Times Dispatch, in their piece “Decade of low points broken up by occasional highlight.” While mostly a review of history, with me we got into the age wave of 2010 to 2020 while other forecasters are cited on the economic future. This article was re-printed also at NBC13, the Birmingham, Alabama affiliate.

At the Montreal Gazette, Rene Bruemmer produced a comprehensive piece, “Welcome to the Future,” with accompanying articles on whatever happened to the flying car, and 10 major innovations for the coming decade. He quoted me when I noted that in this next decade the concept of “going online” will disappear, even become quaint and forgotten, as we are always online. We also discussed energy and peak oil, electric cars, the health care future, and digital natives in the work force.

These are worth checking out, and I appreciated the chance to contribute.

I also interviewed with Esquire LatinAmerica, and with a couple of others, but no online sources yet appear.

In my next post you can catch up with my full outlook for 2010, which I recorded on December 30, 2009. Just waiting for the now produced video to appear on the video server sites. Later tonight I hope.

Update: I just was emailed the link to a longer interview with the Journal Media Group, which came out today. See “Peeking into 2010 with futurist Glen Hiemstra” by Elizabeth Griffin. We cover the economy, retail sales, housing, energy, health care, transportation, and professions and education.

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