Insights · March 23rd, 2011

Vision 2050 was a U.S. effort to envision an integrated transportation system, produced by the U.S. Department of Transportation System in 2001. I wrote about that effort, in which I had a small role, recently. The blog Green Joyment picked up on that piece recently in an article by Lisa Carey. She notes that we posted the full report, and then asks her readers how the U.S. is doing in moving toward the admittedly very long range vision.

The answer right now is, not very well. As Lisa says,

Transportation “is moving” in other countries around the world.

Construction is underway on the West Kowloon Terminus in Hong Kong with 88 miles of high speed (217 mph) rail.

London is preparing a 13 mile Crossrail project under the center of the city that is expected to 200 million passengers a year.

Meanwhile the 9 mile Hudson River tunnel project in the United States in cancelled and gas prices are on the rise again.

And then this appeared today, as the new Governor of Ohio took another step to scuttle a long-planned transit system, in the name of budget cutting but perhaps more so in the name of a political agenda.

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