Insights · August 6th, 2015

Dennis photoWe have learned that colleague and friend Dennis Walsh died suddenly last week on July 29, 2015 at his home of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He is survived by his wife Britt and sons Matt and Jon.

I met Dennis a few years ago when he came to Seattle as part of a team leading a new vision retreat for a local University, and I was a participant in the retreat. Dennis impressed me then as warm and especially thoughtful about the future. Through several years of conversation and occasional collaboration I learned that Dennis was really the definition of a kind and gentle and humble soul. He was a master networker, constantly connecting people that he felt ought to work together.

A couple of years ago Dennis proposed that we write a book together, and he became the primary author of our collaboration, Millennial City: How a new generation can save the future. The driving force for that book was Dennis’ interest in inspiring the Millennial generation, which includes his two sons, to take an active role in creating a better future. Dennis also spearheaded and co-authored another book, Enterprise City: How Companies Are Changing the Global Urban Landscape, a book edited by another of our Think Tank members and friend of Dennis, Richard Kadzis.

The day after Dennis died I got the news from a Millennial generation contact of his who said, “I don’t know too many people who know him and just want to pause and reflect on his greatness) – and also to stay connected with his vision. Please keep me posted on opportunities to bring the millennial perspective to the futurist community. I don’t want to let Dennis down.

That would be fitting legacy for Dennis. If you knew him and wish to make a contribution to a memorial fund in his name you may contact the Saalem Church, 21 Walkover Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1L1,

Dennis we will remember you.

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