Insights · February 26th, 2021

Recently I had the happy opportunity to record a podcast with Irish Tech News, hosted by Simon Cocking. We delved into lessons that I have learned in my 40-years a futurist. And we discussed our prospects for and the imperative that we become a space-faring species in the next 100 years. Have a listen.

Irish Tech News is Ireland’s number one tech publication and podcast.

Planning Futuring Strategy Space

Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas is the Chief Futurist of the Futurist Think Tank. He is world-renowned futurist speaker, a Fellow of The RSA, and has worked with over 300 of the world’s most impactful companies to establish strategic foresight capabilities, identify trends shaping our world, help anticipate unforeseen risks, and design equitable futures for all. In his new book – ‘Facing Our Futures’ – he challenges short-term thinking and provides executives and organizations with the foundations for futures design and the tools to ignite curiosity, create a framework for futures exploration, and shift their mindset from what is to WHAT IF…

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