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Entrepreneur Jean-Claude Biver, famous for his work at Hublot, talks about innovation, creativity, and his philosophy that can be summarized by three commandments: “be the first, be unique, be different”.

Here is a short transcript of the beginning of the talk and I invite you to watch the video fully and consider how these ideas relate to foresight and futures design.

No innovation, no life, no innovation, no future.

We all belong to planet earth. And we are all born by a mother. And if the child cannot innovate, the child cannot grow. We have to innovate from the day we are born, we have to innovate from the day we are born, then we get education. And then we lose a lot of creativity, because innovation, because education formats us, we enter into a frame.

The more we frame kids, through religion, through education, to more children are slowly slowly losing the innovative spirit, their creativity, and they become formatted. And just normal people. That’s why very many artists say, I want to find the creativity of the child again. So innovation, creativity, at the end of the day, is more powerful than knowledge.

Knowledge is so easy for anybody to get, of course, you have to study you have to learn, but knowledge is there, whenever you want, with the new technology, whatever, we’ve all universities, knowledge is for everybody here. Where is innovation, where is creativity, innovation and creativity is above knowledge. That is what you put on top of knowledge. That gives the huge advantage to the ones who are innovative, if everybody could learn creativity, if everybody could learn innovation, we would have to invent something more or different to make the difference between the people who have learned something, and the people who are innovative.

So innovation, creativity is definitely more powerful is much stronger than knowledge. And today, especially in his day into today’s environment, where we have so much competition, where speed is so important, we need we definitely need to always think different. In my company, we have a very easy rule, what ever we do whatever, in any field, we always try to be the first and or to be unique and or to be different. Whatever the project is, we have to put the three conditions. And the project leader or the guy who brings the idea has to answer those three questions. If he says yes, we will be the first yes will be unique. Yes will be different. It’s finished. The there is no budget anymore. unlimited budget, no restriction. He can go ahead. Because whenever you are the first and different and unique, you cannot be wrong. You will win.

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