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What will life be like in 100 and 200 Years? It’s hard to consider as no-one alive today will be around. Let’s speculate on those futures.

Nikolas often gets interviewed by publications on various subjects and a while back he was asked about what life will be like in 100 and 200 Years in these two Best Life articles from 2018, ‘This Is What Life Could Look Like 100 Years from Now‘ and ‘This Is What Life Could Look Like 200 Years from Now‘.

In 2022 we are at a later stage of exponential progress and change. Some say that more has changed globally in the past 50 years than the previous 250, however it’s the millennia behind us that have brought us to where we are today.

By 2122 we will have likely leveled-up as a race of people. I personally believe that we will hit a crunch in the next 100 years in terms of the health of the planet and the exploding population in mega-cities (cities over 10 million people in size). It’s very hard to predict 20 years into the future, and maybe we shouldn’t predict at all, but we can see signals of change today that inevitably come to pass and define the world in 100 years time.

Let’s get into it…

What will the world look like in 100 years?

By 2122 the training wheels are off and we are in a new mode of operation with data as the foundation and systemic parts of society starting to create fairness and equality in the world (we have a long way to go from where we are today)

Here are some speculations on where we will be in 2122:

  • We will stabilize at around 11 billion global population with 90% of the global population will live in cities and will result in completely new ways of living and working and we will be in a 100% renewable energy situation. Mega-tall buildings – 100+ stories – will be the norm in major cities to accommodate the needs for accommodation. It’s likely that no-one will drive vehicles – it will all be autonomous transportation.
  • The world will run on systems, sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence, and autonomous infrastructure.
  • Globally we will see a level of collaboration between governments that we do not see today. And, it will be about planning for greater population movement and wealth distribution. We will be headed towards a world of equality and abundance. Ideas like ‘The Venus Project’ will start to come into being.
  • We will also see the 1% moving to out-of-jurisdiction at-sea communities – they call this seasteading. Mobilization on this has already started.
  • We will also see research bases on The Moon and Mars. Elon Musk’s grave will be on Mars at the peak of the Olympus Mons.

What will the world look like in 200 years?

By 2222 we will have ascended into being an entirely new kind of society.

Here are some speculations on where we will be in 2222:

  • No more disease. No more cancer. Medicine will be so advanced that we will see people living to 150+ years old. People will also forego having children but there will be some that choose to do this selectively.
  • Wealth and earnings have no meaning – we will have a world striving to be completely equal. Leaders will be defined the goodness they do in the world and the entire society will have an active role in building culture and sustaining communities.
  • Technology will be invisible. Things will just work seamlessly.
  • There will be pop up communities that choose to live ‘the old way’ off of the land and with a lack of technology. They will be seen as important parts of historical society and many people in the world will crave to visit those experiences as a reminder of how we lived, and how close we came to really screwing everything up.

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Nikolas Badminton

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