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Here we feature some testimonials about Nikolas Badminton – Futurist Speaker – arranged by industry for easy reference by speaker agencies and prospective clients.

Nikolas is a global futurist that mentors leaders to create more connected, curious and creative teams that embrace futures design to imagine desirable futures, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. 

He has spent 30+ years working with leadership at over 300 leading organizations at the frontline of foresight, strategy and disruption – including NASA, United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Intel, WM, United Way, Bayer, Bank of Canada, Rolls Royce, Procter & Gamble, IDEO, UK Home Office and many more. 

You can preorder Nikolas’ new book ‘Facing Our Futures’ at AmazonBloomsburyBarnes and Noble and other fine purveyors of books. We’s also love it if you considered pre-ordering from your local, independent book store as well.

Nikolas has had the chance to receive some incredible testimonials that go part way to communicating the value he provides. Take a look and please reach out to discuss your project or event.

High tech, Transportation and Logistics

“Nik is not just an incredible presenter. He grabs the audience’s attention and doesn’t let go. So many of our partners told us they had never examined the future of their business in such a thought provoking way – to expose our partners to something new is the highest value we can provide to our partners. Nik brought that value.” Emile Perez, Client Computing Group, INTEL

“So many employees have shared with us how much they appreciated your insight and delivery. Thank you for helping SAP think forward.” Cindy Fagen, SAP, Chief Operating Officer

“Opening keynotes that engage an audience and leave them wanting to hear more are challenging. At our 2018 AutoTech Symposium, we struck gold with futurist Nik Badminton. Participants were referring to Nik’s presentation throughout the event and in the days following. Our organizing committee was equally impressed with the quality of custom content, ease of delivery and unprompted ‘only positive’ feedback from attendees. Highly recommended.” Ross McKenzie, Managing Director, University of Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR)

Construction, Engineering and Mining

“Working with Nik is an absolute pleasure. He landed in projects and got up to speed with the world of acronyms and grasping the realities of a global engineering company in no time. He is a talented future expert with a natural gift for futures and strategic business thinking. He made a huge impact for us to get the conversation about foresight going in North America but also the world. He helped us on 3 different projects successfully, sometimes with extremely short deadlines. He is very productive, inventive and strategic and shows a great deal of initiative and attention to detail and listens to what people have to say. Nik is always upbeat, with a great attitude & possesses all the skill sets that you would want in a highly productive team member. I can’t say enough good things about Nik.” Catherine Roy, Design Lead, Thales International

“Nik opened the conference with an energetic and fascinating presentation that set the stage and the enthusiasm for the rest of the conference. He was a subject matter expert on the topic of the future of innovation, technology and the workplace. His delivery captured the audience and generated a great deal of thought. He was very personable with the attendees and made himself accessible to all. I really don’t have any constructive feedback as he delivered exactly what we asked for.” Ted Hermann, Director of HR, FLUOR, and Director, Engineering Human Resources Association

“Nikolas has a rare talent for looking into the future, analyzing trends and data and making predictions. He did an excellent job of tailoring his presentation to our audience. He was more than willing to meet as needed with us to discuss the content and allowed us to review it and provide feedback. The end result was a fresh, innovative and relevant presentation delivered in a highly engaging manner, which our audience loved. We would not hesitate to recommend Nikolas to others.” Robin Cowper, Associate Director, Mechanical Contractors Association of Western Washington


“Nik served as a dynamic host for this provocative event which featured MIT robotics researcher, Kate Darling, and Edward Snowden. He also facilitated a panel with University of Waterloo academics, world-renowned in areas of robotics, quantum computing, and big data. The attendees were glued to their seats throughout the thought-provoking event.” Kelly McManus, Senior Director Community Relations & Events, University of Waterloo

“Looking for a Keynote that will engage every single person in the room?  You are looking for Nikolas Badminton!  I have been responsible for speakers at education conferences for many years.  Too often educators hear from presenters within a very limited area of focus.  Nikolas’s connections are fresh and applicable to every area of education from the finances and the buildings to the students in Kindergarten to grade 12. Whether it is education, or another area of expertise, it is a tough situation to get the right person. The topic of “The Future” pertains to every single organization out there; further, the state of our world to come is of interest to every human, so you can’t lose!  But, there is more to it.  A good speaker can rework their material in advance to prepare, but a phenomenal speaker can rework their material in the moment – that is Nik!   His information is relevant and informed; he is extremely easy to work with and his content relates to everyone.   I have truly never had such consistent and positive feedback regarding a speaker at a conference. Book Nikolas Badminton, I promise, you will NOT be disappointed.” Claire Proteau, Supervisory Officer, Halton District School Board

Finance and Insurance

“It was a pleasure to have met you and a privilege to have a chance to lead the Qs for the team.  I can certainly attest to the fact that it was well received as my own team members were writing to me throughout and after the session with high praise.  The consensus was that it was a great balance of ‘out there, big ideas’ coupled with how it could come to life in our ‘real worlds’.” Vanessa Crooker, Vice President, Marketing, Global Merchant & Network Services, American Express

“Nikolas was a very dynamic and engaging speaker that we were very lucky enough to have addressed our employees.  His keynote  presentation “Ubiquitous Frontiers” received very positive feedback.  He was able to craft a targeted message based on our needs that was truly captivating and resonated with our audience.  The presentation combined the perfect amount of instruction and engagement and we would not hesitate to ask him to return for an encore.” Angela Franco, Team Lead, Cybersecurity Program, Allstate Canada Group


“Nikolas delivered powerful insights into the challenges, opportunities and importance of understanding the technology that will move our industry, and the world, into the future” Darren Wallis, VP Communications, Bayer Crop Science

“Nik Badminton was amazing in how he engaged our team and encouraged some deep thinking on what might be in our future.” Associate Director, Penn State Extension

“The entire AgEx presentation, absolutely brilliant. A jaw-dropping experience!” Heather Watson, Agricultural Excellence Conference


“The Pear Healthcare Solutions team had the pleasure of collaborating with Nik on a special event that we developed and executed for community pharmacists practicing in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was part of a multi-expert panel that was tasked with shining a light on the opportunities that exist for pharmacists to evolve and grow their businesses amidst never-ending change and challenges. Nik was FULL of energy and enthusiasm, and worked closely with our team to ensure he fully understood our audience, so he could meet them where they are…BUT push them into thinking about some really novel approaches. He was positive, engaging, and delivered a fantastic virtual performance. His concepts were truly thought-provoking. Our client was happy and we were happy. Would highly recommend Nik as an addition to any event where you need a lens on the future…and how to get there!” Dawn Murphy, VP, Client Services, Pear Healthcare Solutions Inc.    

“You were brilliant.  Your insights, inspiration and incredible depth of knowledge left all of us ready to leap into the future.  You were engaging, personable and completely entertaining.  Your natural rapport made our entire conference feel like we were the only reason you got out of bed that day.  We were the centre of your attention, and because of that, all of us are better equipped to engage on the important global issue of transformational aging in a changing world. Nik, we all stood a little taller, smiled a little bigger, and reached a little higher because of your presentation.  Thank you.” Bill Pratt, Chief Relationship, Research & Innovation Officer, Eden Care Communities

Government and NGOs

“I found Nik’s comprehensive and multifaceted approach to visioning the future and its associated trends quite inspiring and insightful.” Youssef Nassef, Climate Adaptation Director – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

 “Not only was Nikolas delightful AND easy to work with, he quickly learned how his BRAVE NEW WORLD messaging connected with our full slate of programming.  Our audience was inspired and entertained, leaving with a new vision of what’s possible and the energy to do so.  Whether it’s to motivate your audience toward change today OR imagining our future, you definitely need Nikolas at your conference.” Sarah E. Storrs, United Way Worldwide

“Nik gave a high energy and stimulating romp through some frontiers of the future, in parts eye-opening, confusing, motivating, and disturbing. The intention was to lift our group of health professionals out of their normal day-to-day perspective and offer a glimpse of different worlds, ones that may or may not come to pass. The point was to help us see differently and think differently. Judging by the conversation afterwards, Nik definitely succeeded. The ‘end of life care robot’ was a particular talking point!” Ian Burbidge – Head of Innovation and Change, The RSA

“Nikolas Badminton was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to survey our delegates, tailor his ideas to our audience, and delivered an engaging and thought-provoking talk that resonated with our conference theme. He was an excellent choice to close our event, inspiring visioning for the future of our sector and providing delegates with a call to action when considering the future of their communities.” Ana Fuller, Local Government Management Association of BC

“Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for your Keynote and engagement, which really worked so well in setting the stage for a great retreat.  The Board really enjoyed what you had to say and it absolutely got them thinking big.  And you did just a super job with the questions and discussion, so interesting. I am sure that your slide notes will be read by all. Thank you and hope to work with you again some day!” Lori Mathison, President and CEO of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia 

“Adding Nik’s insights and considerable expertise to our first ever FutureBiz Penticton: Economic Outlook Forum was an excellent choice for our event. Nik provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today’s age of accelerated change – both topics that are not easily condensed. Working with Nik was a pleasure and we would be happy to have him back again in future.” Jennifer Vincent, Penticton Economic Development

“As the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA embarks on a community-wide effort to envision and plan for an exceptional future, Nikolas provided a global and forward-thinking perspective that really helped jump-start our public input process. The possibilities he shared were well informed and rooted in research. His presentation was exactly what we needed to help spark innovative thinking and drive an ongoing community conversation.” Lindsay Weisenauer, City of Dublin Public Affairs Officer

“Thank you again for a terrific keynote and panel discussion yesterday. We’ve had a lot of great feedback about the calibre of the event, and the discussion, so a great success!” Perry Quinton, Ontario Securities Commission

“Your illustrations were helpful in pointing out the constant change in urban areas over recorded history and the even higher rates of change affecting mobility, housing, food and energy now.  Your presentation stimulated creative thoughts across a wide array of municipal service providers in attendance and was a helpful catalyst to inspire more progressive outlooks.” Bruce Macgregor, Chief Administrative Officer, Regional Municipality of York

“Nikolas kicked off our big idea day at the Ideas to Impact Virtual Summit with a mind blowing talk about the potential of ‘what if…’ thinking to create a better future. Nikolas’ talk was not only thought-provoking and eye-opening for many of our youth participants but also extremely inspiring to think big and create the future they want to see. We would have Nikolas back any time to spark our future thinking!” Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Executive Director, League of Innovators

“I had the pleasure of working with Nikolas during the initial building stages of DisruptHR and he was an immediate standout speaker. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he has a way of engaging with and challenging his audience that unlocks possibility and inspires action.” Kristian Gaetano, COO, Achievers

“Nik’s always hugely engaging, thought provoking and on the leading edge of future technology and innovative thinking.” Greg Spievak, CEO of Reboot Communications

“Nik was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was flexible and responsive from start to finish. His presentation was tailored towards our needs and was impactful and highly relevant. We would recommend Nik to anyone looking for an innovative Futurist!” Julie Rickward, Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI)

“Nik brought high-energy to start the event. Members were definitely interested in what he was saying – you could tell by looking around the room that everyone was paying attention and not fussing with their smartphones!” Lisa Barata, WESTAC

“Nik’s genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of technology and industry trends made for a thought-provoking keynote to kick-off our event.” Jacquie Griffiths, Director, Labour Relations Services, Metro Vancouver

“Nik provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today’s age of accelerated change – both topics that are not easily condensed. Working with Nik was a pleasure and we would be happy to have him back again in future.” Jennifer Vincent, Penticton Economic Development

“Your presentation was amazing, and you gave us so much to think about in terms of the future of work. Our members were very impressed with your keynote.  You are an incredible speaker! The information you provided will be very valuable to our members as they strive to be future-ready.” Myrna Büttner Stahl, CPA Saskatchewan 

Long-term thinking
Nikolas Badminton – Chief Futurist

Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas is the Chief Futurist of the Futurist Think Tank. He is world-renowned futurist speaker, a Fellow of The RSA, and has worked with over 300 of the world’s most impactful companies to establish strategic foresight capabilities, identify trends shaping our world, help anticipate unforeseen risks, and design equitable futures for all. In his new book – ‘Facing Our Futures’ – he challenges short-term thinking and provides executives and organizations with the foundations for futures design and the tools to ignite curiosity, create a framework for futures exploration, and shift their mindset from what is to WHAT IF…

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