Insights · July 22nd, 2008

Reading the Wind, the third and latest novel from co-creator Brenda Cooper, is now available. I have been looking forward to this particular book, the sequel to her most recent, The Silver Ship and the Sea, a book that I loved and highly recommended.

Brenda sets her story on a distant world, where genetically enhanced and non-enhanced colonists struggle to co-exist and make a new life. As Brenda’s reviews attest, she is a master at character-driven story telling, while mixing in the best of anticipated technological developments.

Brenda was the original web-designer when we set up in the mid-1990’s. She was, at the time, an IT executive for a small city in the state of Washington. Now she is Director of IT for a larger suburban city, and has fully realized her dream of becoming a recognized and regularly published writer of speculative fiction.

Buy the book and enjoy!

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