Melissa Eshaghbeigi is a Webby award-winning Creative Strategist, Digital Ethnographer, Speaker and Futurist. She is deeply fascinated by human behaviour and lives to tell stories about the world around her. The world is her data set and her screenshot folder is overflowing with signals about culture shifts, emerging trends and consumer behavior.

As a life long lover and critic of the world wide web, Melissa specializes in all things Internet related: social media trends, Internet culture, digital advertising and content. Melissa turns data into information and makes culture easy to understand for clients and creative teams.

She’s made a career out of helping brands likes of adidas, Levi’s, and Twitter understand what people are consuming online to inspire new, relevant, and authentic ways to connect with their audience. Her love of presenting and sharing information has led her to share her observations and creative insights under the moniker, @ClosingMyTabs.Her profile is rising and she’s a really great speaker that is tuned into the future of…

  • Internet culture, creator culture, influencers/digital stars 
  • Gen Z / Youth culture 
  • Social platforms & The future of social
  • Content / Content Consumption 
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Entertainment  & Media Consumption 
  • Shopping and Online Behaviour

Watch Melissa speak at Nikolas Badminton’s DARK FUTURES on ‘It’s 2039, you’re either stressed, depressed or cancelled’

Watch Melissa in conversation with Roxanne Nicolussi at the Future Festival #NoFilter event