Facing Our Futures is the No. 1 Amazon Best Seller in Business Research & Development, JP Morgan’s “Next Gen Pick” for their esteemed 2023 Summer Reading List, and selected as a book to read by the Next Big Idea Club.

Facing Our Futures is the where world-renowned futurist speaker Nikolas Badminton draws upon his decades of experience working with over 300 clients to provide executives and world leaders with the skillset and outlook they need to prepare their organization, team and themselves for whatever obstacles the future may hold. CEOs, executive teams, government leaders and policy makers need to gain a broader perspective and a firmer grasp on how their relevant industry, society or community is evolving and changing.

presents the #1 Best Selling Book Facing Our Futures: How foresight, futures design and strategy creates prosperity and growth – a fascinating insight into how professionals and businesses can develop their foresight and strategy to ensure that they are prepared for an unpredictable future.

 ‘Nikolas Badminton cracks the code on the leadership model for the future in this must-read masterpiece.’

Josh Linkner, five-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, venture capital investor

Businesses, organizations and society-at-large are all subject to unforeseeable events and incidents that often have a dramatic impact upon prosperity and profit. Due to their unpredictable nature, business leaders and executive teams are unable to prepare for these specific events. But, through innovation, strategizing and an open-minded approach, they can restructure their organization and practices in order to mitigate (or even take advantage of) the impact of such events.

Facing Our Futures acts as a primer on the value of seeing how bad things can get and the power in imagining these futures. It also provides a proven strategic planning and foresight methodology – the Positive Dystopia Canvas (PDC) – that allows leaders to supercharge their teams to build evocative visions of futures that strengthen planning today.

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