Insights · June 30th, 2023

At the 2022 Space Sustainability Summit , King Charles III shared his vision – and an ambition – for an Astra Carta. An initiative that would help bring together the public and private sector to focus on space sustainability. 

A year later this ambition became a reality, and in June 2023 the Sustainable Markets Initiative launched the Astra Carta which builds on the foundation of the Terra Carta to shape a future of responsible and sustainable space exploration, development, and cooperation.  It aims to serve as a roadmap for the global private sector to align their space-related activities with sustainability goals, approaches, and standards in partnership with governments, international organizations and other stakeholders.

I have always felt that space is rather like the oceans here on Earth. We think them so vast and so alien that we don’t give too much thought to what we do. But we have to start seeing the immediate space around our precious planet as part of its environment…. We now recognize we have a duty to protect the oceans. We must also accept that we have a duty to protect the wider cosmos….

Having launched my Terra Carta for the planet in 2021, we are now working to create an Astra Carta to offer a similar framework for sustainability in space. … It would build on the Artemis Accords to establish both peaceful, but, crucially, sustainable space exploration, something to be agreed by all nations. …

Just as we are finally coming together to protect the natural world here on Earth let us now come together to protect the boundless, and potentially bountiful, worlds beyond.

King Charles III

The Astra Carta

Recognising the growing role of the private sector in space activity and exploration, the Astra Carta offers an ambitious roadmap for the private sector to lead the acceleration of sustainable practices across global space-related industries. It also recognises the unique role that space can play in creating a more sustainable future on Earth and the need for the stakeholders to consider environmental and sustainable impacts beyond our planet. Its ambitions encourage a focus on placing sustainability at the centre of space activity.

The text says the Astra Carta “aims to promote the peaceful expansion of humanity into the solar system and beyond by providing a roadmap of ethical and sustainable ambition, cooperation and innovation” and to “serve as a roadmap for the global private sector to align their space-related activities with sustainability goals, approaches and standards in partnership with governments, international organizations and other” stakeholders.

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