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Welcome to This is where world-renowned artificial intelligence futurist speaker Nikolas Badminton and the Futurist Think Tank share signals, trends and ideas of how our world is and will most likely change.

This page has been prepared by Nikolas Badminton, as an ongoing reference to his keynotes on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for event professionals, speaker agencies and companies wanting to learn more about the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, generative artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs) and the ongoing debate on superintelligence and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

These references are not extensive, however they act as a great starting point and ongoing reference to expert opinion as the AI space accelerates.

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About Nikolas Badminton FRSA – Artificial Intelligence (AI) futurist speaker

Nikolas Badminton FRSA is a world-renowned artificial intelligence (AI) futurist speaker and Chief Futurist that mentors top executives and the highest levels of government to explore desirable futures, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. 

He has spent 30+ years working with leadership at over 400 leading organizations at the frontline of futures, strategy and disruption – including NASA, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, WM, JP Morgan, Verizon, VISA, TD Bank, American Express, BISCI, ISACA, Rolls Royce, Procter & Gamble, US Department of State, UK Home Office, United Nations, and many more. 

Facing Our Futures: How foresight, futures design and strategy creates prosperity and growth – is Nikolas’ number one best selling book and has been named as JP Morgan Private bank’s ‘Next Gen Pick’ for their prestige 2023 Summer Reading List to guide new leaders to ignite curiosity and embrace futures thinking.

Nikolas’ essential research has been featured by the BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Business Insider, Forbes, Sunday Telegraph and many others.  He appears on SIRIUSXM and CTV regularly, was a key advisor to the ‘Age of AI’ series with Robert Downey Jr, and appears in the Franklin Institute’s series ‘2050’.

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New 2024 Keynote: EXPONENTIAL HUMANITY – embrace new frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The exploitation of data has long been the lifeblood of industrial progress since the 1980s and now we’re transcending that ability through Artificial Intelligence, augmentation, and automation to solve some of the greatest challenges of our times. Nikolas will show you:

  • A.I.’s transformation – from academic exploration into a real-world powerhouse of change across all industries.
  • How our world is being revolutionized – through industry automation, education being redefined, and exponential industries changed through the foundations of data science and new A.I. tools.
  • How to implement A.I. in your organization – the practical abilities and skill sets needed, the structural considerations for strategic planning, and the mindset needed for continual development and growth in A.I. capabilities.

Today, everything changes. Let Nikolas guide you on your first steps forward into a bigger world and share his experience building these systems since the 1990s.

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The Future of Technology is Artificial Intelligence

Nikolas Badminton provided the opening keynote on the ‘Future of Technology’ at Croatia’s first future-oriented, internationally awarded B2B conference focusing on the future of business – FUTURE TENSE.

Learn about how we scan for signals, build trends, explore scenarios and tell stories of our futures so we feel how it is for us. See the tech that Nikolas thinks will disrupt. Understand the structural challenges and megatrends that deserve our attention, time and effort.

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Artificial Intelligence 101

Deeper debates on application and ethics

As we see AI, and especially generative AI, come into the mix of creativity and deeply human pursuits there are some with strong opinions. Check them out.

Artificial Intelligence experts worth following

The Internet is buzzing with so much news and hype about all facets of AI. Here are some people we want to get on your radar. Take a look and jump into the conversations they are having.

  • Yann LeCun – VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta – LinkedIn
  • Timnit Gebru – Founder & Executive Director at The Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR) – LinkedIn
  • Andrew Ng – Founder of DeepLearning.AI; Managing General Partner of AI Fund; Founder and CEO of Landing AI – LinkedIn
  • Rana el Kaliouby – Being human in the age of AI! Founder of Affectiva & Deputy CEO at Smart Eye – LinkedIn
  • Fei-Fei Li – AI Researcher & Professor, Stanford University; Co-Director, Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute – LinkedIn
  • Nikita Gupta – Co-Founder – LinkedIn
  • Brian Solis – Head of Global Innovation, ServiceNow – LinkedIn
  • Cathy O’Neil – Author of ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ and ‘The Shame Machine – Orca Risk
  • Dr. Joy Buolamwini – Best-Selling Author of ‘Unmasking AI’ – LinkedIn
  • Daphne Koller – Founder and CEO, insitro, Co-founder, Coursera – LinkedIn
  • Demis Hassabis – Founder & CEO, DeepMind – LinkedIn
  • Ben Goertzel – Creating Benevolent Decentralized AGI @ SingularityNET – LinkedIn

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Please note: These references will take you to 3rd party websites and expert contact / profile pages so please be aware that their opinions and references do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Nikolas Badminton and the Futurist Think Tank – although we find them interesting to consider.

About Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas Badminton is a world-renowned futurist speaker, consultant, author, media producer, and executive advisor that has spoken to, and worked with, over 300 of the world’s most impactful organizations and governments.

He helps shape the visions that shape impactful organizations, trillion-dollar companies, progressive governments, and 200+ billion dollar investment funds.

Nikolas Badminton’s book Facing Our Futures: How Foresight, Futures Design and Strategy Creates Prosperity and Growth has been selected for 2023 J.P. Morgan Summer Reading List, and featured as the ‘Next Gen Pick’ to inform the next generation of thinkers that lead us into our futures. 

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Artificial Intelligence
Nikolas Badminton – Chief Futurist

Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas is the Chief Futurist of the Futurist Think Tank. He is world-renowned futurist speaker, a Fellow of The RSA, and has worked with over 300 of the world’s most impactful companies to establish strategic foresight capabilities, identify trends shaping our world, help anticipate unforeseen risks, and design equitable futures for all. In his new book – ‘Facing Our Futures’ – he challenges short-term thinking and provides executives and organizations with the foundations for futures design and the tools to ignite curiosity, create a framework for futures exploration, and shift their mindset from what is to WHAT IF…

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