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I never really loved The White Stripes, or Jack White for that matter. Then, back in 2019 I traveled to Detroit with my partner and walked into Third Man Records. A place for celebrating the heritage of music, the musical art, and the craft of recording – sometimes direct to acetate from their live stage. I dove into the records they publish, traveled to Nashville and London to see their stores, and bought their records.

Jack White performs the United States’ National Anthem

Jack White – and his work with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather – is a bonafide modern futurist – one foot in the past, stomping in the present and ringing our intention through the ages ahead. Here is a number of impacts Jack White has had on our world – somewhere that needs better music than ever before.

  • Innovation in Music Production and Sound: Jack White has consistently pushed the boundaries of music production with a commitment to old styles of play and production inflected with new technologies. He has a love for reviving vintage equipment and techniques, merging them with contemporary music styles.
  • Third Man Records: His record label is a foundation for his vision. The label is known for using unique analog equipment in the digital age, which sets it apart in a music industry dominated by digital recording and streaming. Moreover, Third Man Records has experimented with novel music formats and special vinyl releases (like the liquid-filled vinyl), which mix nostalgia with innovation.
  • Advocacy for Artistic Integrity and Quality: Jack White has been a vocal advocate for high-quality music production standards and has criticized the over-commodification and quality loss in music due to modern digital formats. His focus on vinyl as a superior sound medium is both a nod to audiophile communities and a forward-thinking stance on consumer experience in music.

I want to be part of the resurgence of things that are tangible, beautiful and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age. But when I talk to people about this they just say, ‘Yeah, I know what you mean,’ and stare at their mobiles.

Jack White

  • Cross-disciplinary Collaborations: White’s various collaborations across different art forms and industries—such as his work in film music, appearances in movies, and collaborations with artists from different musical genres—illustrate a futurist’s approach to creativity, seeing no boundaries in artistic expression.
  • Education and Preservation: Through Third Man Books (a publishing arm of his record label) and the archiving of historical recordings, White demonstrates a real commitment to preserving cultural heritage while making it relevant for future generations.

Jack White Interviewed by Zane Lowe

Article image by Bill Ebbesen under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

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